How To Get The Word Out About Jenny
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See below for instructions on how you can help us with the 2011 American Volunteer Contest in 4 different ways:

1) Send an Email

2) Pass out flyers

3) Msg Friends on Facebook

4) Create a Status on your FB Page!

Don't have a Facebook and don't want one?

That's ok. It would help us if you would simply tell your friendssend an email (instructions below), accost your kids and grandkids (we have flyers to make it easy!), and generally help us get the word out to those in your life that DO have a Facebook and CAN use it.


We have done all the work for you! Simply copy and paste the following email message into the body of your email, & send to everyone in your contact list. It is that easy! We've even suggested a subject line!

SUBJECT LINE: Help Meals For The Elderly Win $1,000!

Hello friends,

Did you know a few minutes of your time could earn a local charity caring for homebound elderly citizens  $1,000? That is a month’s worth of meals for one of the clients they serve.

All you have to do is log in to Facebook, accept the American Volunteer Contest App, & then vote for Jenny. Oh yeah, and you could win a $200 gift basket from Pampered Chef just for helping

Here is the link to Jenny’s charming video: (watch past the credits for bonus footage)


Feel free to print these black & white to save ink, or half pages in color to really catch people's attention! 

Click on this link for a flyer 

Have Facebook, but don't want to accept the American Volunteer App required?

We understand. In fact, I am right there with you. I could tell you that the Meals On Wheels Association of America, the host of the contest and creator of the app, has assured us the information is only used to maintain the integrity of the contest. Instead, I suggest you help us get the word out on Facebook. 

We regularly post links to Jenny's video and encourage our followers to vote for Jenny. You can do the same, whether you yourself have voted or not. You can also send messages to your Facebook friends who have lots of friends and ask them to get involved. Post the video on group pages you belong to encouraging them to vote.  Many do not share our worry over accepting apps, and we can use that to our advantage! 


Use the above email msg, or take a more personal approach with one of the messages below. (Make sure you insert the person's name you are messaging if you choose the first option!)

Option 1:

Hey [NAME]!!! You have more FB friends than anyone I know. I need about 200 people to vote for this volunteer video for Jenny, an AMAZING lady who volunteers at Meals For The Elderly. Can you vote? Also, would you be willing post a link to the contest video and ask them to vote for Jenny? We could get $1,000 for MFTE if Jenny wins. Thank you!!!

Option 2:


Would you mind taking a few minutes out of your day to help Meals For the Elderly, a non-profit organization who helps feed local home-bound senior citizens, win a $1000 check? All you have to do is vote for Jenny, a long-time volunteer at Meals For The Elderly.

If you vote, you could win a $200 gift basket from Pampered Chef.  (Keep in mind you will have to allow the app so that they can get you that prize if you win.)

Here is the link to Jenny’s charming video:


Choose one of the following statuses and leave them up for at least an hour each week till the contest ends August 26th!

Option 1:

Want to help Meals For The Elderly? Vote for Jenny in the American Volunteer Contest.

Option 2:

Here’s a chance to give back to the community! All you have to do is accept the contest app and VOTE FOR JENNY!

Option 3:

Check out this amazing video of Meals For The Elderly’s volunteer Jenny. She is one of a kind.


Contact Becca at Meals For The Elderly at 655-9200 if you would like more information,OR more ideas on how you can help!  

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