Notes from Clients
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Many recipients of our meals and supporters of our program 
send notes expressing their feelings about Meals For The Elderly 
and extend words of encouragement to our staff and volunteers:

Here we will post a few of the notes we receive. Please note that we 
will not be able to post all notes received due to space limitations. 
This page will be updated with new notes periodically, so please check 
back from time to time. Also, only initials will be used to ensure the 
privacy of the note's author.


I appreciate you all so much & wish I could give more, but am on a fixed income. I fell in December and broke my pelvis bone and hurt my shoulder so the meals really help me out. Your drivers are so nice and always smiling. I look forward to Mon., Wed., & Fri. as it really brightens my day to have someone come to my door & be so cheerful. So God Bless you all for all the good things you do for people.

Thanks ever so much,


PS - The meals are very good! 


Thank you very much. It is really a help getting your meals. I should be done with my chemo treatments in March.

Thanks again - you are such a blessing.



The meals are very good!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!



Thank you very much for the beautiful red fleece throw that Meals For The Elderly gave me. I use it all the time when I'm watching TV or resting. It keeps me so warm. Your kindness is always appreciated so much.




Thank you for everything you do for my grandmother. She loves her meals and all the extras you all send her. You have a wonderful organization.




We appreciate your kindness very much. You're doing a great job and kindness for the people.

Our Love,




To whom it may concern,

Thank you and everyone who work and are involved in bringing the meals so I can have a warm meal 5 days a week. May God Bless each and everyone who takes part at Meals For The Elderly.

Thanks a million,




Dear Friends at "Meals For The Elderly,"

Thank you so much for the delicious meals you are bringing to me. They have been such a big help since I have been laid up. I wish I could do more because it takes a lot of money to feed as many as you do.

Love and prayers,



Meals For The Elderly,

I thank you for giving me the sack of gifts for my birthday. We 
appreciate the good meals that are brought to us. My wife liked 
the decorated sack so much she has it taped to our cupboard door.

Thank you.




Dear Meals For The Elderly,

What a nice surprise for my birthday. Thanks for remembering me 
- all the nice things you sent. I just can't believe that I turned 80 
this birthday. I am getting old - I never thought I would make it 
this long. I don't know if I told you or not. I have only one lung. 
I lost the left one to cancer - this October 2008, I'll be five years 
cancer free. The Lord sure has blessed me. I also want to thank 
you all for the goodie I received July 28. They were so good. Thanks 
again. I hope you have a good month. Love to you all, for the work 
you do.



Dear Friends,

We appreciate the many acts of kindness from all the staff, 
volunteers, and the ones who bring our meals. Thank you for the 
frozen meals, the little favors & all the cards. The wooden Santa 
is really a "keeper." We wrote to the man whose sticker was on 
the bottom of it. The Christmas cookies were so nice. You really 
make life happier & give so much of yourselves to others. It really 
helps us & we appreciate it.

God Bless You.

W. & V.


As a senior citizen who thus far (thank the Lord) can manage on 
my own, I sympathize with those who cannot. Please use this small 
gift where needed most - food & supplies, gas for drivers, or wherever. 
May God bless all (staff, volunteers including drivers) who bless the 
elderly thru these endeavors.



Meals For The Elderly,

Dear Friends,

It was almost a year ago - April 23, 2007, that my husband and I 
began receiving the meals. (I had suffered a broken hip in January.) 
We want to say "thank you, thank you, and thank you again." The 
food - cooked and ready-to-eat meant so much. The friends who volunteered to bring the food became our dear friends. Their bright smiles brightened our days. 
We appreciate you one and all.

Love and prayers,

A. & B.R.

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