Santa Letter Fundraiser
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Thank you for your interest in the Santa Letter Fundraiser we showcased at the Meals On Wheels Association of America 2010 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Because you expressed interest in this fundraiser, we have compiled the following documents and links to help you get started in creating this type of fundraiser for your organization. 

Please note that these particular samples have worked well for our program, but the more tailored each piece is to your particular program, the better your results will be.

If you have any questions about the following documents, or would like more information on a specific part of this fundraiser, please contact Becca Lambert at (325) 655-9200 or email her at

Sample Letters From Santa Request Form

Nice Child Sample Letter

Nice Adult Sample Letter

Naughty (G-Rated) Adult Sample Letter

Sample Promotional Flyer

Sample Half-Page Promotion Flyer

Link to Christmas Postmarks Across the Nation

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