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Charlyn Ocker

Charlyn Ocker

Charlyn Ocker

President & CEO
(325) 655-9200

Charlyn has been with Meals For The Elderly since 1980 and has been a driving force behind the charity’s success and growth over the last 30+ years, taking the organization from a small neighborhood organization to the nationally-recognized, certified Meals On Wheels program it is today.

 She has seen the organization grow from about 60 to well over 600 hungry seniors fed daily. Charlyn has always considered her work at Meals For The Elderly as a calling rather than just a job, and has made the continued success of the charity a top priority. She believes “God calls us to use our resources to reach those in need. I am constantly amazed at the dedication of so many people who work tirelessly to help others.”

In the over 3 decades she has worked so tirelessly, Charlyn has seen months where there was a question if the food bill could be paid, when equipment and facilities were bursting at the seams, and she has always kept the faith that God would take care of the program and provide a way. She will tell anyone who asks that “the good Lord takes care of us, that’s all I can say.” Throughout her time here, Charlyn has learned to always be flexible and patient because if something can go wrong, it will. She has learned to let the little things go because at the end of the day, hungry people are being fed, and that is what really matters.

Charlyn loves to have the opportunity to brag on what the program is now able to do— provide hot meals but also ensuring the individual well-being of our clients by providing microwaves, heaters, fans, and of course continuing to provide personal contact each day. She has also been able to realize a long-standing dream ofexpanding service to as much of Tom Green County as possible this year, helping rural seniors as well as those in San Angelo city limits. Charlyn sees all of these program additions as vital to help enable seniors to stay away from their biggest fear: nursing homes.  

Before coming to Meals For The Elderly, Charlyn earned a BS in Nutrition and Home Economics Education from Southwest Texas State University and taught nutrition for 6 years. She has since repurposed her skills at MFTE, and she continues to pursue her education by taking geriatrics and aging courses, acquiring professional certifications in gerontology, nonprofit management, volunteer management and leadership, and maintaining her credentials as a Serv Safe Certified Nutrition Administrator.  She has also worked extensively on the Meals On Wheels Association of Texas Board of Directors and has served on multiple committees for the Meals On Wheels Association of America.

Outside of work, Charlyn relaxes by reading (mostly free) books on her Kindle. She loves spending time with her three grandsons in Farmer’s Branch, Christopher, Zachary, and Jacob. They plan fun activities such as baking cupcakes. She equally enjoys her newest grandson, Landon, who lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

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