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Start a Delivery Team


A delivery team is a great way to share the joy of volunteering with others and make it a little easier on everyone's schedule.  You may want to share a route, or group of routes, with your co-workers, group, church, family, or friends.  How often your team would deliver is up to you - it can be once a week, twice a month, once a month or whatever works best for your schedule. 


Tips for Successful Delivery Teams 

  • Make a schedule of delivery days with contact numbers for each delivery-team member.
  • Establish a back-up coordinator to fill-in when the primary coordinator is absent.
  • Have as many of the team members as possible attend our volunteer training session.  (It can be scheduled at a time that is best for you.)
  • Periodically check the Non-Delivery Dates on our website. State holidays are not always our closure holidays.
  • If no one can cover your team's route, please call to arrange for a substitute for your route at least 24 hours in advance or you can click here to request a substitute through our website. Cancellations made on your date of delivery are difficult to cover - and we want to make sure clients will still get their meals.
  • Please share all schedules and back-up information with Kelly Usry, our Volunteer Director by email or by calling 325-655-9200.


For any questions or for more information on creating a Delivery Team, please contact Kelly by email or by calling 325-655-9200.