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Rebecca Padilla

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Rebecca Padilla

(325) 655-9200

With a level head and infectious enthusiasm, Rebecca is a great addition in her role of accountant at Meals For The Elderly. Rebecca Padilla’s passion for her job stems from her love of giving back to the community. She and her husband have a long history of ministry with youth and children through their church and when Rebecca joined the MFTE, she was eager to blend her passion for service with her knack for numbers.

Continually motivated by the knowledge she helps others, Rebecca enjoys working with donors and sponsors and is happy she has the opportunity to thank people for their generous support each day (if you would like to donate, please click here). She enjoys answering any questions any donor may have about how donations are processed and enjoys hearing the different stories that inspire people to give.  In her own words, her greatest accomplishment since she came on board has been “improving event registration and check-in processes, helping ensure each event runs smoothly so that guests and sponsors alike enjoy their time. It means a lot to me that I can make a difference by bringing my experiences before working with MFTE and use those experiences along with my accounting skills.”

Before she came to MFTE, Rebecca worked on her accounting degree while keeping track of her 3 active children and working in the youth and children’s ministry with her husband at their home church. This job was an answer to Rebecca’s prayers, as she was looking for an opportunity that would allow her to do more than just crunch numbers. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Liberty University.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her husband and three children: Micah, Selah and Josiah and her granddaughter Ella.  She attends all of the many events her active children take part in, like volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, One Act Play and concerts. 

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